About Chad A. Wilkins

Passion for the unity of sports and leadership


I have a passion for the unity of sports and leadership.  I firmly believe in the power of teaching character and the practice of servant leadership in sports. My values and beliefs are aligned with the organizations I support, including Fellowship of Christian Athletes, YMCA, All Pro Dad, and NAIA Champions of Character, to name a few.

My professional life has led me to become well acquainted with teamwork and the importance of leadership.  My career at the Resource Center for Independent Living, Inc. (RCIL) taught me to overcome challenges, maintain principles of integrity and ethics and earn respect for a non-profit organization that has helped thousands of individuals with disabilities reach their goals and independence.

I began my job as an intern but quickly worked my way up, ultimately to the position of Executive Director/CEO of the organization in 2006. I am passionate about the myriad of programs RCIL offers, but have a special affinity toward accessibility, assistive technology, wheelchair basketball and disability history and awareness for youth.

I joined the John Maxwell Team in 2011.  My leadership position at RCIL overlapped with John Maxwell’s work and I found myself incorporating his teachings in both my personal and professional lives. Of the leadership roles I have held, I take special pride in the professional development of staff. I have had the opportunity to work with many non-profit organizations, including serving as President of Mainstream (formerly the Kansas Non-Profit Association), with members in four states. I am eager to spread the power of John’s lessons in combination with the breadth of my own experiences to help people succeed in non-profit and business leadership teams.

While my passion for leadership takes on the larger picture, I am also efficient at honing in on the details with my financial and accounting experience. I can assist your team in reaching financial goals. My education in accounting and business administration, and my position as Chief Financial Officer for RCIL over five years has given me skill in analyzing financial information and preparing statements and reports.

Throughout my life, I have tried to achieve a harmony that allows me to put family and faith at the forefront. I enjoy spending precious time with my wife, Dawn, and two children, Tyson and Britney.


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